How to Choose and Design Tissue Paper
Tissue paper is used for product packaging. Custom tissue paper effectively helps enhance your brand's awareness. Read on to learn how to choose and design your own tissue paper.
9 January, 2023
Custom tissue paper

Tissue paper is still widely used by people daily. Anywhere: at home, on the go, at the workplace, on the bus, or during meals. It comes in various shapes and sizes and may be customized to your preferences by adding or omitting things like a scent, imprint, and color. You can pick and choose from these variations based on personal preference. Thus, tissue paper use is steadily increasing. No one can deny that tissue paper has become an absolute requirement of modern life.

Your design should be readily available and user efficient to avoid complaints and low ratings. Additionally, among the many benefits of having a well-designed tissue paper is increased sales. The following tips will help you choose and design the best tissue products.

custom tissue paper

Types of tissue paper

  • Facial tissue paper
  • Kitchen paper towel
  • Design tissue paper
  • Paper napkins
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Gemstone tissue

Tips for choosing the Best Tissue Paper


You can make tissue from three types of pulp: one that contains wood, one that does not have wood, known as chemical pulp, and one that is made from recycled paper. Most wood-containing pulp is likely bamboo pulp, while the recycled paper pulp is produced from recovered documents. Virgin fiber can also refer to wood-free or chemical pulp. Tissue paper made with these fibers has a soft, silky texture.

Design of Tissue Paper

Tissue paper has come a long way over the years, and now there is a wide selection. Napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, and facial tissue are all readily available. Various types of tissue papers include printed, embossed, scented, and quilted. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. To suit your taste and fulfill your requirements, you have options.


Whether using it on your face or in the bathroom, softness is a significant consideration when selecting tissue paper. Tissue papers with a soft texture and feel are more comfortable to use. Pick the maximum-ply tissue that is also exceptionally plush and absorbent. All the major brands claim to have extra-absorbent, ultra-soft tissue paper available for your selection.


Paper tissue strength is an essential aspect that you should address. Tissue paper with higher strength and thickness lasts longer and is easier to clean and absorb. Strong tissue papers can be reused many times after being washed, making them an excellent value.


There is a wide price range of tissue paper on the market. You don't have to sacrifice quality to save money, but many brands produce cheap, reliable soft, durable, and highly absorbent tissue papers. You can buy tissue paper in bulk, making it more cost-effective.

custom tissue paper

What are the Design Considerations for Tissue Paper?


The preferred file format is PDF; it's recommendable that your logo is in a file size of 5" x 5" with the image centered on the page or with a seamless pattern that extends to the edges of the page. Please note that it would help to double-check your file's setup before placing an order.

Choose A Pattern

Because of the pre-loaded designs, creating your custom tissue paper is quick and easy. Pick the one that works best for you and modify the design using the options on the left. It's possible to scale up or down your logo and rotate it 90 degrees either way. Choosing and using this option couldn't be simpler.


Choosing the color is a lot of fun when producing your tissue paper. There are several ways to make a selection, from randomly exploring until you discover something you like to narrow it down to match your company colors perfectly. Your three-color custom tissue design is within your reach!


"Bleed" refers to any design that goes past the product's trim line or final dimensions. By including bleed, you can rest assured that your content is not trimmed too close to the edge and that there will be no unsightly white space around the edges. Any part of your design that you want to print up to the edge must extend at least 0.5" beyond the trim line.

Benefits of Tissue Paper

  • Decoration benefits - Some hotels will utilize toilet paper as a decorative element, much like you would use napkins at a restaurant. The creatively folded tissue paper gives the customer a more visually appealing experience.
  • It stops the spread the infectious disease - It would help if you concealed sneezing and coughing with tissue papers and discarded them in the trash. When compared to a cloth handkerchief, this is the better option. Nasal fluids are not shared between people; hence infectious diseases cannot spread.
  • They are eco-friendly - Tissue papers may be recycled and hence are not harmful to the environment. The bacteria in the soil may quickly disintegrate in water, unlike those that don't break down.

Take Away

Other factors to consider when purchasing toilet paper include the ply, whether or not the piece is tubed, if the manufacturer makes any environmental claims, and so on. Invest some time researching the various brands to ensure you purchase the most appropriate ones.

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