Can You Use Tissue Paper for Food Packaging?
Tissue paper is normally used for product packaging, such as shoes, mugs, etc. However, it can be used for food packaging as well. Read on to learn why you could use tissue paper for food packaging.
9 January, 2023
Custom tissue paper

If you are oblivious of the term "tissue paper," you are probably aware of the term "wrapping tissue." They mean the same thing. That is a soft paper cushion box when packing clothes, jewelry, and other delicate items from being scratched.

custom tissue paper

Of course, the question remains, “Can you use tissue paper for food packaging?" 

Yes, tissue papers may be used for food packaging. But it's all dependent on the type of tissue being used. For instance, the tissue paper used in gift wrapping is not a food-grade product meaning it may only be used to wrap an already packaged food product. 

In particular, acid-free tissue papers are used as alternatives to gift-wrapping papers. With their distinctive properties, they are valuable when it comes to setting up extra protective layering. This type of paper is manufactured using a few chemicals, which results in a pH of 7 or alkaline properties. 

Not only is it safe for packaging your food products, but it is also environmentally friendly. Tissue paper for food packaging is normally made from wood pulp, meaning it can be recycled. You may choose to compost it and leverage its ability to absorb odors from your pile. Also, with biodegradability, you need not be afraid of causing landfills.

Why should you use Tissue Paper for Food Packaging? 

One thing about using food-wrapping tissue paper is that you have the approval of mother nature! But along with that, you may use tissue paper in these four different ways:

Tissue paper to protect against dirt and scratches. 

If you run a fast-food store, you are inclined to assume you are not dealing with delicate products. But it all changes when you pack that pizza with some cutleries. Your delivery product will be deformed if they are not covered with tissue paper. But thus, it can be avoided when you pack the food and cutleries using tissue paper. Also, by covering the entire product in tissues, you guarantee your customers that the food will be delivered without being harmed by dust. 

Tissue paper food packaging to market your brand 

You are aware of how customization is changing the marketing game. And there is no better way to become recognized or promote yourself. Once you have your tissue papers for food packaging imprinted with your company’s logo and mission, there is a high chance you will reach out to more customers.

This further cements your existence in the market and makes you unique and easy to identify even when there is an influx of other brands. It’s a symbol that shows your packaging manners and diligence to your customers. 

Tissue paper food packaging to minimize packaging costs

In the food industry, you may do charity work unwillingly, especially if food packages drain your finances. It’s a brainer, you need to cut all unreasonable expenses and maximize profits. And that correlates to cheaper yet effective ways of packaging your products. For instance, tissue paper for food packaging is one of the most cost-effective ways of food packaging.

You need not worry about its availability. All there is to care about is using the few bucks saved to devise a plan for marketing your food industry. And in the long run, the perks are beyond the worth of this approach. 

Tissue paper for easy packaging 

Tissue paper for food packaging is light; even the bulk reams have no discernible mass. It is really easy to wrap food products in lightweight tissue paper packaging. The lightness still makes storage and transportation simple. If your cargo includes heavy objects that must be covered in crepe paper, these tissue rolls simplify the wrapping process. 

Since everything is sophisticated, bulky, or tough to pack, materials have no place in the twenty-first century. As a result, plain and patterned tissue sheets suit the function of superior packaging while requiring less effort and time.

custom tissue paper


In retrospect, you may use tissue paper for food packaging. But, it's not just the packing that everyone is looking for. Rather it's about simplicity and cost-effectiveness. And with the effects of global warming, biodegradable packaging solutions sounds better. If you are convinced about making tissue paper food packaging, see our options today at 

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Can You Use Tissue Paper for Food Packaging?
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