Advantages of Using Custom Tissue Paper for Your Brand
See why and how you can use tissue paper for your brand!
7 September, 2022
Custom tissue paper

One huge pro of all types of packaging is tangibility. When appropriately designed, the packaging is a vital marketing tool. And as eCommerce becomes more rampant in all industries, brands are looking for new ways to engage and impress consumers.


Custom tissue paper with logo is an effective marketing investment for your company. It combines customer engagement and branding to give your company the long-term recognition it needs and deserves.


Using branded tissue paper may seem like a lot, especially to new businesses, but it is worthwhile. Compared to many packaging materials, tissue paper is more friendly to the environment. In addition, it shows your customers that your company is environmentally conscious.


Below are more reasons why personalized tissue papers are an excellent advertising hack.


Why You Should Use Custom Tissue Paper for Your Brand

In some countries, personalized tissue paper is a pretty common thing. If you are wondering if this strategy will work for your business, here are five ways you stand to benefit.


1. Customer Experience


Personalized packaging of any type is all a calculated strategy to enhance customer experience. Conventionally, custom tissue papers were used mainly by big brands. Hence, customers associate such packaging with top-quality brands. Yet, these simple add-ons intrigue consumers – they get freebies they haven’t paid for while you get stellar marketing.


Spending a little more on custom tissue paper could be the big advertisement break you are looking for. When you give your customers a memorable unboxing experience, you best believe they will not forget your brand’s name.


As most companies struggle to tell customers how good they are, personalized tissue paper shows them.


2. It is Cost-effective

Custom tissue paper is considered economical compared to the cost of other advertising/marketing strategies. Subsequently, personalized tissue papers are very cost-effective, especially if you get them in bulk.


After all, consumers rarely say no to a product that will benefit them. So, this might be the right choice for you if you have a startup or run a business on a budget. You will give your customers a valuable product while marketing your company as a brand.


3. Brand Identity

Aside from valuable products/services, your business needs a powerful brand identity to convert sales. Nevertheless, there is a lot of competition in this eCommerce era, especially online. So, how can your company stand out? You guessed it! Through custom packaging.


Designing your personalized tissue paper gives you a strong chance in a saturated market. It lets the customer know and remember your brand. As a business, one of the best times to engage your customers and get noticed is during unboxing.


You should take advantage of this moment and make the most out of it with custom tissue paper. Marketing emphasis through personalized packaging will go a long way.


4. Social Media Marketing

When companies started using custom tissue paper, only the customer and their close ones would see the tissue paper. Fortunately, social media transformed the marketing industry and broadened strategies.


There are billions of social media users, and many unbox their packages on various social media platforms. In addition, brand influencers can convert sales with just one post that their thousands (if not millions) of followers can view.


Custom packaging is a great way to market on social media, whether your potential customers will get referrals from influencers or typical customers.


5. Visibility

Every business owner knows that reaching their target demographic is among the most challenging aspects of a successful marketing strategy. Since everyone uses tissue paper, the personalized packaging will work in any demographic.


You can use custom tissue paper to create hype for an event, raise awareness for a cause or campaign, or boost your brand's identity.


Additionally, people use tissue paper a lot throughout the day -or days. So, they will likely bring it to work, school, or meetings. And if they casually leave or pass the tissue paper to someone, your advertisement gets a new audience. The packaging can reach your target audience anywhere.


Design Your Custom Tissue Paper

Are you looking for new packaging ideas? Our website Wrapoo has got you covered! You can shop for anything, including custom tissue papers, personalized stickers and labels in small and large quantities. Contact the team today for all your customized packaging needs.

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