Creative Advice to Help Build Your Brand Identity with Custom Tissue Paper
Building a good brand identity with custom tissue paper is easy. All you have to do is approach it from a customer-centered perspective.
19 April, 2023
Custom tissue paper

Building a great brand is all about emotions. Everything you do to grow your brand should make your customers feel loved, appreciated, and excited to receive your product. Creating a good design helps you cut through all the noise and grab their attention.

You can do this by incorporating your brand in as many products your customers use as possible. One such product you should invest in is tissue paper. Building a good brand identity with custom tissue paper is easy. All you have to do is approach it from a customer-centered perspective.



How do you build your brand identity with custom tissue paper?


Consider what you want to accomplish with your custom tissue design. It is the most important step during your design process, whether you are an established brand or are just starting. You should ask yourself what message you want to express to your customers, what colors they will most likely connect with emotionally, etc.


What do you want to communicate?


Packaging provides one of the biggest canvases you can use to communicate with your customers. Using specially designed custom tissue paper to boost your brand identity takes more consideration than most people think. It requires business owners to take their time to identify what the customer is most likely to relate to.

For instance, you should be consistent with other branding elements like the typeface and color palette. You should also ask what you’d like your packaging to tell your customers about your brand.

Finding the right answer to this question helps you zero in on finding the right ingredients for your brand’s story. You’ll get the right custom tissue design that maximizes your business’ potential and improves its brand identity. It doesn’t matter how attractive the design is since it may fail to work unless it fits the purpose.

You can also use a different font to draw your customers’ attention to critical messages like new products and offers.


Choose the elements carefully.


Custom tissue paper designs are a visual pitch to help customers recognize your brand. Thus, you should add a visually appealing logo with your custom tissue paper design. However, there are other ways you could create a unique design. Remember that making a good tissue paper design is about delighting and engaging your customer.

Therefore, think outside the box and develop a good design to which your customers can relate. You should also aim for simplicity if you want to stand out. You may choose a design that stands out; however, this can backfire because of too much visual noise, making it difficult for your customers to take everything in.

Elements in the design should match your business and brand identity. For instance, you could choose geometric shapes if you sell gadgets and techy products, wavy lines if you sell clothes, and fun, hand-drawn (for a personal touch) sticker images if you sell gifts. Remember, most big brands use simple colors and logos in their packaging designs.


Focus on what sets you apart.


Your brand is unique regardless of how saturated the market may be. Your customers choose to buy from you, and nothing would make them happier than if you recognize and award their effort. Choose a warm color for your custom tissue paper and add some text thanking your customer for choosing you and purchasing your product.

Doing this sets you apart from most of your competition, makes the customer feel appreciated, and helps them remember your brand whenever they want to purchase such products again. You could also add some designs, text, or images on why their decision to buy your product was good and an assurance that the product will work as expected.


Tell your story


Use your custom tissue paper designs to tell a story. Five years ago, there was the chance that only your customer would see your product’s packaging. However, in the social media era, the chances are that thousands of people will get to see your product and packaging on various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

You should take this opportunity to tell your brand’s story. You can use a brightly colored custom tissue paper design to create a strong focal point for your visual content (when advertising or when your customers do unboxing videos). Doing this creates an engaging and unique experience for online audiences.

The difference between bad and good packaging depends on whether it helps boost your company’s brand identity. Custom tissue papers give company owners extra space to advertise their brands. Using this opportunity appropriately could help you keep loyal customers and reach a bigger audience.

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