Branded Tissue Paper Packaging Boosts Customer Retention
Research on the importance of branded tissue in packaging revealed that it boosts customer retention.
19 April, 2023
Custom tissue paper

Regardless of your business's industry, it is important to lure in new clients and retain your already committed ones. This is a complex task and must be done despite your business's size or age. 

Getting new clients is crucial for growing businesses, though maintaining them is equally essential. So, how do you get this done? Ensure your customers are content throughout your interaction, specifically after they make a purchase. 

Research on the importance of branded tissue in packaging revealed that it boosts customer retention. Business owners whose packaging has branded tissue paper, as opposed to plain tissue, liked and recalled the experience, possibly making them want to buy more from that brand in the future. 

There are a few ways branded tissue paper packaging helps you retain customers, and some of them include:


Advertising Through social media


For some time now, social media has become a fundamental factor for businesses looking to boost sales and retain customers. Platforms that were once merely used to catch up with family and friends have become essential in the business world; from helping to access your target audience to convincing them to buy, social media is vital. 

For instance, we've all seen "unboxing" videos on different platforms. This is a vital tool, and it could increase or plummet sales depending on how good your package is. It's an excellent marketing tool, as it helps potential customers to better understand what a given product is all about and what it comes with. 

Once customers watch this video, they may like the product and its content and buy it. Businesses should do this kind of promotion, and in the process, try to give customers something unique to make them remember the video and want them to purchase, like branded tissue paper. 



Quality tissue paper with a nice logo will trigger positive emotions, making customers want to buy more from that business. 

Transforming the normal boring into something impressive is a tool many ventures should consider using to win clients and retain the already impressed ones. In a market where customers have numerous options, it only makes sense that you do something different to get their attention. 

Branded tissue paper is one of those subtle but effective marketing strategies. While it might not be effective and expensive as a billboard, research shows it works. Additionally, it is affordable.


It Markets your Business 


Besides marketing your business on social media, branded tissue will promote it on other levels and spaces. For example, if someone purchases packaging with branded tissues, like fast food, and carries it to work, their colleagues will notice the branded tissue. 

By incorporating your logo or brand name on the tissue paper, shoppers will easily remember your business. Promoting your brand identity can cement your position in your customer’s memory. What's more, it's an excellent benefit if your goods are used as gifts. In addition to the buyer loving your products, other people will see them too. 


It's a Sign of Quality


Consider spending a bit more on branded tissues; it won’t be in vain. This extra investment will show people (potential customers) they’re investing in quality. 

Let's be honest; if you go to a shop and buy a package including plain tissue and another package with branded tissue, you will be inclined to assume that the package with branded tissue is better quality. This is because, like all marketing strategies, it's about psychology.

Also, this shows that, as a business, you are committed to delivering quality. This means that when customers think of making a purchase, they'll remember the branded tissue paper and the manufacturer committed to quality.  


It Makes the Unboxing Process Better 


Lastly, when your customers buy a package from you, they might be looking forward to the branded tissue paper. Manufacturers worldwide understand the importance of the unboxing process, as pointed out, hence include something in their package that stands out. 

For instance, manufacturers in the cosmetic industry have some exciting contents in the boxes, like gifts, branded tissue, and so much more! By making unboxing memorable, customers will feel better about your brand and keep coming back. 

As you can see, adding some color to that white tissue paper will go a long way in boosting your sales and retaining your customers. 

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