Wrapoo Eco Friendly Packaging & Custom Tissue Paper
Wrapoo is on a mission to empower customers near and far to take advantage of our eco-friendly and affordable custom packaging products.
12 July, 2022
Custom tissue paper

Wrapoo eco-friendly packaging

Wrapoo - Eco-Friendly Packaging & Custom Tissue Paper

Are you looking for a way to brand custom packaging that is earth-friendly? Well, let us introduce you to Wrapoo! Our company offers affordable and eco-friendly packaging options worldwide.


Whether you are looking for custom tissue paper or branded boxes, we have you covered!


Our team is passionate about helping you to enhance your gift-wrapping style whether you're a small business owner or you're sending something special to a loved one, here's everything you need to know about Wrapoo.


Wrapoo eco-friendly packaging

3 Reasons Wrapoo Is ‘Gift Wrapping’ Gold

For those who are new here, let’s start with a little bit about our brand and business model.


At Wrapoo, we believe that affordable eco-friendly packaging doesn't need to be boring.


In fact, you can finally say goodbye to brown envelopes and white tissue paper and add your own personality to your packages. And since more of us are now opening businesses online and selling products on an international scale, we want to help you give your customers a fun and branded un-boxing experience.


So, here are three reasons why Wrapoo is considered gift wrapping gold!


1: Custom Tissue Paper


Wrapping and packaging products should always involve an aspect of creativity and the look and feel of your packages should be bespoke to your brand and business. This is why we offer fully customizable and branded packaging online. Our custom tissue paper can be ordered from our website in seconds and you can easily upload your own illustrations and artwork or even your logo to make your tissue paper unique and more interesting. It's these small gestures and attention to detail that can really set your business apart from competitors and if you're sending a friend a gift, demonstrate that you've gone the extra mile to make them smile!


2: Eco-friendly Packaging

When it comes to choosing wrapping paper, especially if you're using it on a regular basis, do your part for the planet and choose Wrapoo's eco-friendly packaging. Sustainable and with a low minimum order quantity, we are helping our customers to become more eco-friendly whilst making wrapping gifts or packaging orders more fun! So, whether you want to add a custom sticker to your next package, send a big order in a branded mailbag or give a gift a more elegant and luxury feel with custom tissue paper, explore our eco-friendly packaging online now.


3: Free Shipping Worldwide

Last but not least, at Wrapoo, we’ve chosen to give our customers free shipping worldwide. This is just our way of giving our customers a ‘gift’ since we know that you’ll already be paying shipping fees when you use our tissue paper, mailbags, and boxes to package up your own order. You can now personalize tissue paper and boxes and make your next delivery memorable and unique, and enjoy free worldwide shipping too!


And that’s just a quick overview of how Wrapoo is helping to transform your approach to packaging. We hope you enjoyed learning more about our brand and business model. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us! We would love to hear from you!

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Wrapoo Eco Friendly Packaging & Custom Tissue Paper
Wrapoo is on a mission to empower customers near and far to take advantage of our eco-friendly and affordable custom packaging products.
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